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    H1-B Visa Correction

    Hi, I came to India in February 2020 for my H1-B VISA stamping. On March 18th 2020 my visa was issued, but due to the complete lock-down I wasn't able to collect the passport until the consulate mailed it. When I received the passport around June 1st week, I observed that on my VISA Petitioner Name (PN) and Petition number (P#) were completely incorrect, but at that time the consulate was still closed. If these two were correct I would have had a valid VISA before June 22nd Presidential Proclamation and eligible for travel. In August, consulate started processing F, M and with some exceptions H1-B visas. May I know the process for visa correction? When I contacted the Hyderabad,India consulate, they have provided me with this link to follow https://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/submitting-your-documents.html . I would like to know if I have to book an appointment for this or I can go directly to submit the documents using "document submission letter" mentioned the above link. My VISA issued date was on March 18th, 2020 which was before June 22nd, 2020 Presidential Proclamation. Technically, I should be eligible for travel if it wasn't for the incorrectly printed details on my VISA. Since this was a printing mistake by the consulate, I assume correcting the details on already issued VISA will not come under the actual processing of H1-B. Please correct me if I am wrong. Does this case considered as an exception? Please help me understand the above two queries and advice the further steps to follow. Thank you.