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    L1 Blanket Extension Question

    Thanks. Any idea on my first question?
  2. anushsa21

    L1 Blanket Extension Question

    Hello I am currently in USA on L1B Blanket (first 3 years) with PED: Dec 2020 and I94 Expiry: Jul 2021. I have the below questions and would appreciate assistance. 1. When am I obligated to go for the extension? Before my PED or before my I94 Validity? 2. Is Canada/Mexico consulates accepting appointments for blanket extension before 31st Dec 2020? 3. If I am to go for a blanket extension in Canada/Mexico before 31st Dec 2020 (if no cancellations), will I be allowed to re-enter if visa is approved? Or will my entry be denied based on Jun 2020 proclamation? I was in US with valid status when the proclamation was signed. Thanks for your help.