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    EB1C - Denied Due to wrong reasons

    Denial Notice reasons -Not related to profile · Referring to either the previous employer or petitioner as “Infosys” numerous times throughout the denial notice: working for Big 4 not in Infosys · Mischaracterizing organizational charts as indicating that “every employee was a manager” and they show a disproportionate manager-employee ratio – I have 11 direct Repartees all the professional qualified · Claiming that the petitioner seeks to employ beneficiary in an “executive capacity” rather than a manager – I have selected Manager · Stating that the beneficiary entered the U.S. as an L1-B specialized knowledge employee (and was therefore ineligible to classify as a Multinational Manager) – I have entered in USA with L1A approved visa · Stating that the beneficiary did not meet the qualifying period of 1years employment in a managerial capacity abroad. – I have worked more 1 years as manager.