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  1. We have applied for visitors VISA extension and received RFE and the response must be submitted with by feb 16th. We already planned for going back to home country on Jan 31st, in addition to that, the nature of the documents that requested by USCIS are needs to be applied as In-Person back in home country for ex. Document showing proof of residence with sealed from the government agency. So, In this situation we can not produce all the evidences while here. Can we go to home country as planned and submit the evidence?
  2. ashik

    I539 Rejected because of payment issues

    Do we need to send separate checks for biomterics and filing fee? Actually I sent $540 in one check for two applicants.
  3. ashik

    B2 extension filed - no receipt yet

    did you see check deducted image from you account? if so you will be good. Actually I am in same boat, docs received on Aug13th and i-94 expiring on Aug 29th. So far no receipt and no check deuction.
  4. ashik

    B2 Visitor Visa Extension

    I have applied for extension on Aug 11th as Paper filing and USCIS received documents on Aug 13th 2020. But our parents I-94 expiring on Aug 29th 2020. If we don't get receipt on or before I-94 expiration what are the options we have? Can they stay till we get receipt or Do I need to file again with online application for safe side?