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  1. Please help me by answering the below questions, you can provide details as much as possible. Thanks! (Greencard questions related to the DV visa) 1. Is Green Card Quota based/issued on the basis of Place of Birth or Citizenship of the person? (Country of Chargeability-US Immigration Concept). 2. Does Green Card Quota/Application for EB visa holders depend on Place of Birth or Citizenship of the person? 3. If so for GC for EB visa holders is issued on the basis of Place of Birth is it possible to find out the number of GC’s issued to people born in Saudi Arabia and what are the Different clauses/requirements & also what is the backlog status if any and how long does it take for Saudi applicants to get their GC.
  2. Please help with the below questions as I have doubts - help clarify them with details as much as you can provide. Thanks a lot Diversity Visa Questions 1. Is Diversity Visa based on the Place of Birth and not on Citizenship of the person? Incase it is based on Place of Birth can a person Born in Saudi Arabia to Indian Parents and acquires Indian Citizenship and Passport apply for the Diversity Visa. 2. Are F1 visas given on the basis of Place of Birth, Citizenship, Both or Place of Application? 3. If a Person plans to apply for Student visa and at the same time has already applied for DV visa 2022 will the Applications clash or will either of the applications be nullified or If the person applies for F1 visa and has already applied for DV visa will they reject the F1 application because the person applied for the DV visa and has to wait for its results/status?