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  1. My H1B 6 year limit ends on Aug, 27th 2020 and i-94 ends on Sep, 6th 2020. I have a PERM filed on April, 2nd. I am planning to go to India on Sep, 3rd if best case scenario(perm+140+ext b4 i94) doesn’t work out. My question is : If i use all 6 years of H1B till Aug, 27 and leave US on Sep, 3rd then lets assume i get i-140 approval after that around mid-Sep. Then, will i be able to file Cap-exempt H1B in 2021 with approved i-140 (assuming visa related holds are released in next year) OR am i supposed to go through lottery since i would have maxed out my 6 years. I know its safer to leave few days ahead rather than maxing out but best case scenario may work out between 6 year visa end date and i-94 end (10 day grace).