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  1. Hi, I'm on my 6th year with H1B visa and my I94 will be expired in Dec 2020. I need some help or guidance on how I should choose, whether a H1B or H4 status. My I-140 was approved in July 2020. I applied H4 this week with change of status date in Dec'20 and planning to quit my current employer by then. A few questions that need help on. 1. If I find another job before Dec'20 that can sponsor H1B, can I file a H1B transfer with a pending H4 application? 2. How about I find a job after Dec'20, say in Feb'21, can I file H1B transfer (change of status from H4 to H1B without leaving the US) with a pending H4 application assume H4 is still not being approved? Will I be out of status from Dec'20 to the time H1B transfer is approved? 3. Can I also apply H1B Extension with my current employer while having a H4 application at the same time? If I still plan to quit in Dec'20, will doing so put the H4 application in risk? Greatly appreciate your help and answer!