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  1. Hi All, I was laid off by Employer A on May 20th 2020 due to covid with last pay slip on May 15th. I got a job with Employer B and they filed my H1B transfer regular processing on July 1st 2020, I started working using fedex receipt on July 6th. Because I didnt wanted to cross 60th day grace period without payslip. I didnt get any USCIS acknowledgement receipt yet. On June 23rd, I got another offer from Employer C. They are willing to apply for my H1b transfer on premium processing and I provided them my recent payslip from Employer B. My question is: Will there be any problem with my Employer C H1b transfer? Considering they will be transferring my H1b from Employer A -> C and 60 day grace period is passed May 20th till July 20th (But they can prove using Employer B pay slip). H1b transfer application is on or after July 30th so Will Employer C transfer depend on Employer B transfer? Should I wait until Employer B petition is approved? Thanks