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  1. Hi, This is on behalf of my friend. H1-B was approved (dates valid from 10/07/2019 to 08/09/2022) through Consular processing from Employer 'A' on Oct 7th, 2019 and was laid-off on the same day. Since she was on STEM-OPT, found a new employer 'B' and started working on STEM-OPT. She did not travel out of country and is now currently on STEM-OPT valid till June 30th, 2021. 1. Can Employer 'B' use the approved H1-B and initiate a transfer? or that H1-B is no longer of use as she is not currently working with Employer 'A' and never got a chance to activate the approved H1-B? Please advice. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm currently on STEM-OPT (valid till July 4th, 2021) working Full time (40hrs/week) Employer 'A' who filed my H1B this year and the Status of it is - Case Was Received. Due to cash flow issues, Employer 'A' reduced my work hours to 20hrs/week from the following week, and allowed me to work until a decision is received on my current H1B. Assuming I convert the current application to Premium processing and my current H1B is approved from Employer 'A' and the start date is Oct 1, 2020: 1. Can I find a new employer 'B' with a job and initiate a H1B transfer before Oct 1,2020 ? 2. (Or) should I wait for H1B to be started on Oct 1, 2020 and then ask the new employer 'B' to file for a H1B transfer? 3. (Or) should I ask the current Employer 'A' to withdraw my application as they are not willing to pay 40hrs/week from Oct 1,2020 the date of H1 start? If so, how quickly can I ask Employer 'A' to file for withdrawal so that it will not affect another year of my STEM-OPT? Any kind of advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!