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  1. Hello Everyone Came to Canada on employer A transfer petition, worked for 4 months, got a full-time job with employer B, and transferred was approved, joined employer B and working for them since 6 months. Two questions, What status I am on? since I am out of the country for 10 months, my payroll is running on h1b with a Canadian address. I filed my taxes and the CFA in Canada said that I have to pay taxes in Canada too if I earn more than 100k, is there any way to avoid these taxes? Since I am working 100% remote then what is my exact status? do i have to be within 50 miles of my work location?
  2. ShivaRoy

    RFE and Multiple H1B Transfer

    So lost my job with employer A was the first h1b which I got stamped last year. Have a valid stamp till 2023. was a COS from F1 to H1B, came back to USA, officer stamped admission in H1b and didn't update my i94. I94 still shows class of admission as F1 and validity as d/s. The immigration stamp on passport however reads h1b and admit till 2022. Employer B ( 2 layers of desi consultants ) hired me and applied for my h1b transfer and I started working on receipt. Applied in regular, refuses to upgrade my petition. Case submitted and today I got RFE two weeks back. I exited US and came to Canada on PR and am working remotely since then. Meanwhile, I have full-time job offer from employer C, so can employer C transfer my petition to them? What happens to the existing petition from Employer B? If Employer C cannot transfer my petition what happens if I resign from my Employer B as I want to take this full-time opportunity
  3. ShivaRoy

    Travel on H1b Transfer

    well they are not letting me do premium because they filed for a level 1 wage
  4. So I am under a h1b visa transfer and the employer is asking me that I start on the Fedex receipt. He says because of COVID USCIS is generating receipt number within 2 or 3 weeks. I have it in written from him on an email that my case is delivered and I can start working. What should I do? Its been a week since my case has been delivered.
  5. ShivaRoy

    Travel on H1b Transfer

    So I have an h1b stamped till 2022, lost my current job and found a new one, petition filed for transfer on 60th day ( FedEx receipt received from employer). I have the old i 797A. Now I have to travel to Canada to validate my PR within the next 6 weeks, can I do so if I get the new I797C? Can I travel and re-enter? Fyi, the old employer might have revoked my H1B.
  6. ShivaRoy

    Grace Period

    the wage level is determined by the job requirements and pin code. There are two layers hence I think that its in level 1. its on the extreme higher end of level 1
  7. ShivaRoy

    Grace Period

    Also, my company says h1b packet has been delivered but a receipt will be generated after a week or 2. So if today is my 60th day what is my status until the time the receipt is generated?
  8. ShivaRoy

    Grace Period

    Also, my company says h1b packet has been delivered but a receipt will be generated after a week or 2. So if today is my 60th day what is my status until the time the receipt is generated?
  9. ShivaRoy

    Grace Period

    My 60 day grace period ends on Monday (24th Aug). I found a job and they have applied for a transfer and sent my case yesterday. They refuse to do premium as it is a level 1 wage job. I have two masters and one bachelors and ten years of work ex. The last job I had I was paid on a level 3 wage. 1) Going from a level 3 wage to level 1, what is the likelihood of being approved? 2) How much is the regular processing times nowadays? I have to validate by Canadian PR by mid of October, will I get a decision before that? 3) Am I safe to stay beyond my grace period? How will I know if USCIS actually received my case on or before the last day i.e. the 24th August? I have my I94 still showing class of admission as F1 and duration as d/s, however on the entry stamp on my passport it reads valid until Aug 2022. 4) Can I travel to Canada and come back to the USA while my transfer is in the process? I have a stamped H1b with validity until Aug 2022 from my previous employer.
  10. ShivaRoy

    H1B Questions

    So, my friend got laid off on his H1B and his grace period is expiring on 25 August. He has a Canadian PR (to be validated) and is thinking of going to Canada for some time. His employer might call him back and he is contemplating his future options. Following are the areas which need clarification, 1) Should he go to Canada and wait for the employer to call back. If the employer calls back will he have to go for stamping again? He already has his H1B stamped and valid until 2022. · His employer however has said that they will revoke his H1B soon, so will the stamp expire? · What happens if the same employer calls back? Can he just enter the US with the existing stamp and a new i797A? or he will have to go to the embassy again for stamping? · If he gets a job with another employer will he be able to come back on the existing stamp and a new i797A? or he will have to go to the embassy again for stamping? 2) If he converts to B2 visa before 25th August. · He has to be in Canada before 30th Oct to validate his PR. Converting to B2 will give him some more time. But now if his current or different employer calls, how complicated is it to convert from B2 to H1B? If he is in the country when he is called back. · Say suppose he doesn’t get a call until 30th Oct and decides to go to Canada. Then if in November, he gets a call back, what visa will he then enter on? As most likely B2 would be still pending, and will there be any stamping needed? 3) Converting to F1 · He was already on F1 (day 1 CPT) completed the program, got H1B and got it stamped too. If he goes back to school for another day 1 CPT program and then travels to Canada to validate his PR. So, while coming back will he need a F1 stamp from the consulate? · How about converting from F1 to H1B again in the future as he already has one. How complicated would that be and what will be the options he would have then? Thank you for reading thru and answering.
  11. So I converted from F1 to H1B, got the stamping, and came back to the US. Upon entry my i94 was never modified, I just checked and even today it shows the class of admission as F1 and validity until d/s. Why is that so? How can I change to H1B?