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  1. Hi everyone!! Do any body know if there is emergency visa appointment for H4 visa. ?? I am not sure where to check in consulate website !! Thanks Regards Sruti.
  2. SS545

    Stamping for visa

    Hi , i want some information if any body knows please share. I was charged with shoplifting and the situation was very different . I explained to judge and he dismissed the case and reduced to disorderly conduct . He didn't order any community service . I paid court fee . It's been already 2and half years. Now my concern is to get the stamping . I will disclose everything honestly and on DS160 form also . Can some one share information regarding few questions . 1) will the consulate visa officer or officer during green card interview will have video evidence of the theft. IAM asking this as it will be better understanding to them actually what has happened .It will help with the added information I give . 2) Should I say the officer I have seen the item which I didn't pay for in bag before leaving the store or Should I say I was not aware of the item ?? Honestly I don't want to lie but as I said the situation was different. I am asking these questions as I heard from others saying that one should not mention the words like I know , by mistake , committed something like that . But I don't want to lie also . Can someone please kindly share your thoughts . My lawyer says I don't need to mention that I know about the item .Not sure how far it's correct. Already i have done grave mistake .10 min of that situation costing so much. I don't want to do some thing wrong . But I don't want to mess further where it hurts during interview. Thanks .