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    Green card

    To make my statement more clear for some valuable comments. The agent paid for my process except my travel, medical service and for my green card, which I paid the USCIS directly. Other than that I did not pay any to the agent. It’s that expenses they are claiming. As per my family expense, I paid for it and the agent. ( they don’t need to) .
  2. kevineb

    Green card

    No when I say I paid for GC , it’s only the fee for the card.
  3. kevineb

    Green card

    Hi, I am nurse through an nursing recruitment in USA have got all my papers through and I came to US with my family and got my stamps on the passports in the USA entry. We were asked to pay for the green card. But before I could start my first orientation and move to hospital where I have to join the work. Due to the pandemic ( Covid 19) spread. We feared and came back to our own country with the permission of the recruiter. Planning to go later. But the pandemic became worst so we decided to let them know we can’t move now due pandemic and the financial crunch we had due to this. We are not moving now because of the pandemic and we can do so only when things completely cease. meanwhile the agent has send a receipt for us to pay for which they have spent for me. I did pay everything for my family. I even paid for my green card. they got my green card and my SSN since I gave their address as petitioner. Now they want me to pay the money, since I have signed in my agreement. my question is : 1. when I have not joined them due to pandemic how can they claim the money. Is there any means I can be relieved from it . 2. Can they have my SSN and green card. Can I demand them to send it to me. 3. they are also saying that they will send my green card to the uscis and cancel it. Is it right for them to do so , can it be done? please help me with this. thanks,