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  1. Hello Everyone, I recently got laid off on H-1B. My last day was March 31st. My grace period ended on May 29th. I read that we can stay in US for 180 days before unlawful presence is accrued. Does this 180 days period include my 60 day grace period or it starts after my grace period ended? Thank you
  2. Hello , I recently applied for a COS from H-1 to B2. In the i539 form I requested the B2 for six months instead of 180 days. This leads to a difference of four days. How would this impact my application. Thanks
  3. Hello, I recently got laid off on H-1b and I exhausted my 60 days grace period. So I applied for a change of status to B2 by filling the i539 form. I realized I made a mistake on my i539 form. Instead of mentioning Approved PERM I mentioned Approved I140. However these process have been stopped by my previous employer. How will this impact my application?