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  1. Hi, Can someone help me with how and where to find what application dates is being processed for Biometrics appointment in San Jose, CA ASC? I have filed in July 2020, and still no updates. Is there a way to follow up? I am getting generic answers/email when I call/contact USCIS online. Also, there seems to be an address change in San Jose ASC - currently USCIS no longer shows Coleman Ave - instead I see Snell Ave address. TIA.
  2. Hi, How to I get my online USCIS Account number (previously called ELIS number)? Instructions says I can find it from Profile page - but when I go to that page in my online account, it has only A-number, and no account number. Thanks
  3. KayB_SJ

    Filling N-400

    Thank you JoeF and my2239. Regarding my wife's name change: I live in San Jose, CA. Is it advisable to request a name change? Her Green Card (and all her documents) have her maiden name. If she requests a name change (because of marriage), will marriage certificate suffice as documentation (or our current passports where we are listed as each-other's spouse)? If (as part of SF-Bay Area) name change is not done, will they decline her application or just approve it with her maiden name? Is it advisable to just keep her maiden name in the application, and change it later - just to keep everything clean (though it may cost us more - which is okay I think). Thanks in advance.