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  1. snambu

    H4 to H1B with valid H1B petition

    Thanks for response Gopal. Looks like they don't do change of status.
  2. Hi Everyone, My wife on H1B is stuck in India due to Covid-19 until recently. As US embassies are closed for H1B stamping till December end, she came back to US (2 weeks back) on H4 visa (through emergency appointment). She informed her employer about her arrival and the employer asked her the steps for change of status from H4 to H1B. Her H1B petition is valid till Oct 2022. She has approved I-140 and is cap-exempt. Can someone please let us the next steps? Can she use existing H1B petition and just apply for Change of Status. Appreciate your quick help on this. Thanks, Sri
  3. snambu

    H1B to H4 and vice-versa

    Thank you all for the help.
  4. snambu

    H1B to H4 and vice-versa

    Hi Everyone, I am on H1B and current staying in USA. My family of 3 (2 kids with US citizenship) stuck in India due to COVID-19 and June 22nd Executive order. My wife is on H1B (petition expiring Oct 2023) but doesn't have valid visa to travel back. On July 16th, looks like USCIS has emended the EO to allow H4 spouses back to USA. I am planning to apply H4 visa to my wife so that she can travel back early instead of waiting till Dec 31st for executive order to expire. Question is, once she is back on h4, can she travel back to Canada or India to get the visa stamping done using H1B petition? Is it safe to do so? Does my wife's employer need to do anything to convert her from H4 to H1B again and any good options. Appreciate your quick help on this. Thanks & Regards, Sri