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  1. F2H1B_2020

    Change of status: F2 to H1B

    Hi ZoomZoom, I am also in same situation now. F2 to H1b, H1B is yet to be filed. However employer says COS cant be applied, i will be required to get the visa stamped by exiting usa and re-enter usa to join work. Please let me know what happened to your case and why a COZ cannot be filed. Its around 5 months since I entered USA on F2. TIA
  2. F2H1B_2020

    F2 to H1B transfer

    I am currently in USA on F2 status. I was in USA on H1B. My H1b extension got rejected in Feb 2020. I exited the country and re-entered USA on F2 Visa. F2 I94 validity is D/S and its valid will 2021 end. An employer is about to File H1B (out of Cap) in premium (once its opened) . My questions: Per the latest executive orders passed today i.e 22 June 2020, will my H1B application be able to get processed? If the H1b petition is approved, will I be able to join work without immediately i.e. exiting the country?