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  1. Thank you @skmmsk123 the confirmation , I have submitted the DS160 for the appointment but currently its not showing any dates available.
  2. HI Team, As per the news bulletin published on AUg 28, US consulate should start accepting the Dropbox facility, can somebody confirm appointments are available for H4 dropbox cases in Mumbai? NewsFlash! Drop Box Service in India Resumes for Qualifying F, M, J, H, and L Applicants 28 Aug 2020 U.S. consular sections across India have resumed accepting drop box applications to renew F, M, J, H, and L visas from qualifying applicants. In addition to the standard drop box requirements, H and L visa applicants must qualify for one of the exceptions to the June 22, 2020 executive order. More details on the drop box option are available here.
  3. andy_P

    Expedite visa stamping

    They will not judge your case over an email. You will have to apply for the emergency stamping at the time of PA they will decide if you case qualify or not untill then onus is on the applicant to determine if there case qualify for emergency.I hope that helps.
  4. Thanks Gopal, Just want to make my questions clear , Can I join Company B as Indian Employee and then ask them to file my H1B extension based on my approved I-140?
  5. andy_P

    Employer change on Approved I-140

    Thank You Very Much Gopal!!
  6. HI Team, I am currently with Company A in India and I have my I-140 is approved for more than a year now. I have already got my H1B extension approved from Compnay A but I want to move to the company B while I am in India , Can they file my extension based on my approved I-140 from company A?
  7. Hi Folks, I currently working for a company A in US and my I-140 is approved. Although I have not received my EAD yet. Can I switch my job and join Company B ? Do they (company B ) need to file for I-140 again immediately ? Company A has not shared the approved I-140 document with me, it is shared only need per basis, will that be a problem switching the job? I am not sure how the job switch works in case of approved I-140, please help. Regards, Andy
  8. HI Team, I am currently in US on H1B and my extension is in progress , my family is in INDIA and do not have any stamped H4 visa currently. I understand they can not even apply for the Visa stamping once my current extension is approved.Although I see this update on Jul-16 for the Jun 22 order that provides some kind of exemption for the dependent families if the principal H1B is in US. Does it mean my family can apply for H1B stamping once my current extension is approved and Jun 22 no longer applies to them? Below is the update I see on H1B news. "16 Jul 2020 Today, the U.S. Department of State (DOS) announced a short list of exceptions to President Trump’s April 22 and June 22, 2020 executive orders that prevent admission of certain foreign nationals. Notably, the announcement excepts “… spouses and children of certain visa class holders, such as H, J, and L visa holders who are already excepted from, or not subject to [the June 22nd executive order].” In other words, if the principal spouse is in H1B, L-1, or J-1 status and is exempt from the executive order (e.g., H1B worker who was in U.S. as of the June 24, 2020 effective date of the executive order, while dependent family was stuck abroad) that person’s dependents will not be prevented admission based on the executive order. "
  9. HI Team, I am currently in US working on H1B visa, My I-94 is already expired and my extension is applied in Premium , however my family is still in India (H4 Dependent). Does the 22- Jun, Travel ban affects my H4 dependent even though they will not applying for a work visa once my extension gets approved? Is it only Travel ban or they will not be able to apply for H-4stamping in india before End of Dec 2020? Really appreciate your quick response on this , I am already stressed by this travel ban