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  1. Capri06

    question on 140

    Hi All, my 140 was approved May 2014. In June 2015, I moved to a new employer on receipt notice. In January 2016, we upgraded to PP and got RFE, and then denial on Feb 2016. The online status and National Customer Service number still say that its approved, but the reason for H1B transfer denial was that my 140 was withdrawn by employer, and hence been revoked. I see June 8, 2015 as Last Updated Date in my USCIS account. I have been in India since March 2016, and I just want to find out for sure if I can use my 140, or how to get the proper status of 140. Old employer who filed 140 not replying to mails. Please advise, thanks!
  2. Completed 6 years with employer A in May 2014. 3 yrs ext got approved in June 2014 with validity 7/14 -7/17 Informed on phone to emp A abt resignation 6/4/ 2015 Emp B filed h1 6/18/15 in regular Added 140 case number on uscis portal, discovered LUD on 140 was 6/8/15 Upgraded to PP 1/6/16 RFE 1/20/16 for 3-yr ext (dont know all details, emp B lawyer said we have everything) RFE response 2/10/16 (dont know what they responded) Denied 2/23/16. Wife h4 also denied, but we had filed H4-f1 in october 2015. Spoke to one of murthy lawyer 2/23, they advised if previous h1b is valid, we can refile in PP requesting amendment and forgiveness for the stay after receiving denial notice. checked LUD on Emp A 129 which still has approval from 2014, that did not change. checked all the withdrawn LCA on myvisajobs site of Emp A, the dates do not match with my 7/14 -7/17. Waiting for Emp B lawyer to contact me today. 1. What options do I have? 2. Is the information of LUD on USCIS site and withdrawn LCA notices on myvisajobs site valid. Is it safe to assume my H1b is still valid from Emp A? (He may wanted me to go back to him?) 3. Can we refile in PP as amendment from Emp B again and get this approved? 4. What are approval chances? 5. Does have to be filed as consular processing or nunc pro tunc? Thanks!
  3. Capri06

    H4 Stamping

    You dont need new visa. All it matters is valid H4 visa, and your H1 & H4 approved petition that is valid.
  4. I spoke to the HR lady today, and she said they highly prefer candidates with BS or Masters, and I explained her clearly what the problem is, but she said they can file for GC and they will do it.
  5. Hi All, I am in my last year of H1 which is going to expire Sept 30, 2013, but with recapture of time spent outside USA, I can get extension till June 30, 2014. My current employer is filing PERM in July 2013. I have a full-time job offer from Fortune 50 company who are willing to sponsor H1 and GC. Requirement in short: Requirement said "5-6 years of experience with high-school. BS preferred." I have BS, and MBA with 5 years of experience. If they file GC, what category most probably will they file? Please help so I can make informed decision. Thanks.
  6. Capri06

    Masters while working, can emp apply for PERM?

    I read on one of the posts in this forum that masters received while working is not counted. Can someone please comment?
  7. Hi, I completed 51% of my MBA while working for my employer, and the other on F1 before coming on to H1. Is it possible for my employer to apply for PERM now as I am in my last year of H1 expiring Sept 2013? I have 5 years of experience with 2 years from a different employer. Please help.
  8. Capri06

    H4 - Out of Status

    But please do find out from imm attorney.
  9. Capri06

    H4 - Out of Status

    Hmm I do not think so since you are in valid H1.
  10. Did you fill out the form same way before?
  11. Capri06

    H4-visa 221G blue slip Ottawa

    Yeah, 1st interview Oct 2012, re-interview Mar 2013.
  12. Capri06

    H4-visa 221G blue slip Ottawa

    I went for 2nd interview in Ottawa, and got my visa approved for H1. I am not sure about H4. But there are high chances of getting approved if they call you for 2nd interview.
  13. The university name is not displaying. Give me the city n state location.
  14. Is there anyone who is attending their re-interview in ottawa this week. Please let me know.