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  1. Can i know for the above case what are the documents to be submitted and did it get approved. I too got the same RFE. I have a physics background but working in IT for the past 10 yrs. Pls let me know soon
  2. Please let me know where can we get done Experience and Education Evaluation
  3. Hi I got RFE for my new H1B 2020, asking Education + Work experience credential evaluation. I am a Non-IT graduate. I am 3+2 yrs of degree in BioPhysics and 10 yrs of IT work experience. Like to know 1. where can I get my Education + Work experience credential evaluated 2. What is the Criteria of USCIS for non-IT graduates to approve H1BVisa for IT field candidates. Kindly respond ASAP as I have to submit to USCIS in 10 days' time.
  4. kaviTx

    H1b approval without degree

    Hi Pardy Can you update what reply u gave USCIS & did they accept it . Where did you do your Education + Work experience credential evaluation
  5. Hi Rekha My husband is M. SC in Biophysics and is a developer in IT. His H1B got picked up this yr and got an RFE to evaluate his degree and experience as he is from Non-IT Background but now working in IT. As my husband's case is similar to your husband's case like to know what all documents were attached to USCIS for his RFE and like to know was his Visa accepted. WIll be grateful if you can share your experience.
  6. As per USCIS is there any maximum no of days or months a person can stay outside the USA with a valid H1B visa with stamping done and getting paid in Dollars. In detail: A person having an H1B visa and stamping done but staying in the home country but working for a US company from home and getting salary in dollars. In this scenario how many days he can stay in the home country with getting paid in dollars.
  7. I got RFE for my H1B (lottery picked up 2020) .USCIS is asking for educational evaluation for my non-IT degree course. Like to know two things 1. Where can I get an evaluation of both my work experience and my non-IT degree certificates .2. What are the criteria of USCIS ( minimum no of years as work experience and degree level )to get the visa approved? I am an MSC in Biophysics and working in IT as a developer past 10 years. Can you guide me for my two queries.
  8. kaviTx

    H1b 2020

    I asked 2 Questions in this, for which one, you are saying "yes ", Did not understand. And you said, "Yes I guess". Can you please check and confirm for me whether yes or no and for which question. Kindly let me know.It will be a great help to me.
  9. kaviTx

    H1b 2020

    My husband's H1B lottery has been picked up via 2 different employers. Can he submit the documents through both the employers? Is there a clause that 2 h1b lotteries should not be filed by the same applicant though it is for different client different employers via 2 different LCAs. My 2nd question: i received a 19 digit Beneficiary confirmation number from both the sponsors when the H1B lottery got picked up. Is there any website or way to cross-check that this number is picked up in the lottery. Is the I-797C (Notice of Action) the only confirmation?
  10. kaviTx

    F1 to H1B Transition

    Hi My husband filed for H1B via 2 different companies and both got picked up in the lottery. My query is can he submit his documents to both the different companies and apply for H1B. Or is there a restriction that only through one company H1B can be applied. His H1B got picked up in 2020. My 2nd question is is there any portal or websites to find out whether a particular Indian IT consultancy is good or fraudulent. Kindly let me know ASAP as I have only 1 or 2 days time to decide.