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  1. Raj1212

    H1B during period of authorized stay

    Yes, previous H1 was activated - it was a COS while I was in US only, no stamping done yet
  2. Raj1212

    H1B during period of authorized stay

    Thanks. But I don't have to go for H1B lottery again as I have approved H1B petition valid until 2022, correct?
  3. I came to US on L2 visa in 2015 and my I-94 was valid until last month (end of May 2020). Before the expiry of my I-94, I filed for H4 change of status but the decision is still pending. During this "authorized period of stay", can I apply for any work visa? Note: I have an approved H1B petition but my employer had revoked the petition due to unavailability of a project. Can this petition be used for filing visa transfer/extension/change of status?
  4. Raj1212

    H1B revoked

    Since my H1B was approved with COS and I also received new updated I-94, my visa status was changed to H1B from Apr to May 2020. And to correct one thing here, that since my employer was revoking my H1B, I have filed for H4 COS (as my spouse is now on H1B) which is currently pending with USCIS. Considering that, can any new employer file H1B petition for me without subject to cap? And can I work right after getting the approval or I have to go outside US and come back with visa stamp?
  5. Raj1212

    H1B revoked

    I'm currently in USA on L2 visa. I found an employer who filed H1B petition for me last year with change of status (i.e. in Apr 2019). My petition was picked in lottery and approved in Apr 2020 (after almost an year because I got 2 RFEs) which is valid until Aug 2022 (approval notice also has updated I-94 attached). Later at the end of May 2020, my employer revoked the petition due to lack of project and USCIS sent the revocation notice on Jun 01, 2020 ( now I'm back on L2 visa status) 1) Now that my H1B petition is revoked, if I find a new job, can my new employer file H1B petition without subject to H1 cap using my previously approved petition? 2) If yes, do I have to go for consular processing outside US and get H1B stamped? Can't I work right after getting the approval while I'm in US only?