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  1. Below are the timelines for my perm. 1) Perm applied date is october 24 2019. 2) Audit received date is June 6 2020. 3)H1B Max out date is Aug 02 2020. Question: If perm process is pending from 365 days , H1B extn can be filed for 1 year.But in my case i complete only 9 months of perm process pending time by my maxout date(Aug 02 2020).In this case can i get converted to visitor visa(B2) for 3 months (Aug, Sep and oct ) untill i reach 365 days of perm pending and can i convert back to H1 by filing 1 year extn ? or is there any rule that perm 365 days pending status should be before maxout date? and not after maxout date for applying extn
  2. Hi we are also on the same boat .our perm has been applied on october 24, 2019 and we got audit on jun6 2020.Our H1B max out is on Aug 02.We are also afraid to travel now with small kids.We are also looking out for the option of converting to B2 visa and then after we reach 365 days of perm pending process , applying for 1 year H1B visa extn.In this process we will be in loss of pay for 3 months, but then too we are fine if this option is possible.please let me know what process you are following