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  1. J1hardshipwaiting

    DOS timeline for J1 hardship waiver

    Congratulations! I have a question that you may be able to answer! I applied for the j1 hardship waiver to USCIS and DOS at the same time. USCIS has recently recommended our I-612 and since April 15, 2020, our case is with DOS. Prior to this recommendation, in response to RFE from USCIS, I sent a revised statement of hardship and provided additional evidences. Should I send this new information now to DOS too? Or would USCIS directly send this new information to DOS along with their recommendation?
  2. J1hardshipwaiting

    DOS timeline for J1 hardship waiver

    For our j1 hardship, Uscis sent their recommendation in April 2020 to DOS. Its still pending. Ive sent a request for expedited processing through the senator's office but haven't heard if DOS have accepted the request or not.