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    221g CEAC Status Clarification

    Hi Murthyindia_lawyer, Thanks for your clarification.... what status can I expect next to Application Received status ?
  2. Hi GAB32, please can you share your experience...what happened next after Application Received status..am in the same boat now and even at this covid 19 still stressing out... please share your experience
  3. Hi nomsan 123 can you share your experience what happened to your case and how you got your visa approved ..... Even my status has been changed from AP to Application Received... is that normal ? i will be very much thankful if you share your experience thanks in advance
  4. I had my stamping (H1B) in January 2020 at Chennai consulate and was issued 221g blue slip - VO returned my Passport ,In March my status changed to “AP” from Refused (new form of AP as of March,2020 by US embassy) (date also updated) and on May 6 ,2020 got changed from AP to “Application Received” (date also updated)... please can anyone say what does it mean ? Note: Very next day after the interview my employer had submitted the documents that had been asked in the interview.....consulate had acknowledged the documents in the same day..so now this Application Received means what ?