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  1. Thanks everyone for your valuable input. I am not a employer. I am employee who's petition got selected in new registration based lottery system started this year. Due to corona virus situation I got release from a project here, that is reason my employer has hold up my petition filing this what i came to know unofficially lately after my all documents got verified internally. So that is reason I wanted to know really if they can't file the petition as also this year petition fee has to be paid only after selection which is in their hand. With very less time for me to get a project here, as June-end is petition filing deadline, I am really concern even after getting lucky through lottery😥 , H1B will not get filed. @02112018 Can you help with any official link from USCIS? with this at least I can inform them to consider my case if i don't get project. @JoeF @gopalakrishnach Yes employer has to only pay. As this year, they have to pay full petition fee only post employee selected in registration they have lot of control & current coronavirus situation has worsen it the most.
  2. Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum & have following questions on H1B visa filing for this year. Once someone gets selected in the registration lottery as per the new system in FY21, the employer has to pay all applicable H-1B fees irrespective of the petition is filed or not? Any such rule changes from this year? Can employer avoid filing the petition for candidate selected through new registration lottery system ? I appreciate your response. Thanks