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  1. Sundram

    GC before EAD/AP

    Hi My GC employment based priority date is current in the final action date. I am done with biometrics but have not received EAD or AP approval yet. Would I still get GC (i485) approved before EAD (i765) or AP (i131) is approved or should I need to get EAD first for GC to be approved?
  2. Sundram

    Stimulus check and Public charge issue

    Thanks. But I heard some saying USCIS has not made any statement yet and it’s better not to deposit the checks until USCIS makes some statement in favor.
  3. Sundram

    Stimulus check and Public charge issue

    Hi Gopal Thanks. Also the checks for some who did not get direct deposit into accounts.
  4. Hi, Hope you are doing well. If an individual on H1B waiting for Green Card cashes a stimulus check then will it be considered as a public charge and affect his green card? Please advise. Thanks. Rgds Sundram