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  1. Anshul Bhatia

    L1 to H1b - RFE Received

    Hi, my wife applied for L1B to H1B change of status and today received an RFE. While on L2 EAD, I received 2 weeks unemployment benefits (as a 1099 contractor) as well as a PPE loan. Could either of these be the reason for the RFE? What should we keep in mind moving forward as we respond to the RFE. Regards, Extremely Anxious - Anshul
  2. Hi, I have been working on L2 EAD since '18. Can I apply for a PPP loan? My EAD expires in September. I will also be moving to H4 in September and will not be able to continue working. Thanks
  3. Hi, My wife is moving to H1b from L1b in September. We planned on visiting India for this process (it was also recommended by her immigration team). Considering the Covid situation we'd like to avoid traveling to India in September. Can we instead get the H1b stamped from Canada? Thanks