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  1. alien-us

    H4EAD to H1B Urgent

    Simple. Rule of thumb. to keep your H1B active, you will have to be in H1B payroll. If there are no payroll employer cannot count you as their employee. you will eventually loose your H1B. Why do you want to be in H4 EAD when you have H1B approved. You keep one and live happy. 🙂
  2. alien-us

    Facing a weird situation with H1-B and LLC

    As long as if an employer is sponsoring your H1B you are fine. you can close that LLC. You cannot be a owner and sponsor yourselves. If you still need that LLC have one of your friend who is GC or Citizen as a partner. you will be fine.
  3. Both are Independent with 2 different employers. You don't have to worry. you can choose what you need.
  4. You have the right not to join any employment. If there are multiple layers it's something employer should worry and not you. You just tell them that you will not join and you don't have to pay a penny. All these clauses matters only after you join them and make any mess with their business. So.. No worries. you are all good. you are not modern slave 🙂 Period.
  5. alien-us

    How to get H1B receipt number from USCIS

    USICS will not talk to you directly as a beneficiary. For any non-immigrant VISA Petitioner (Attorney) can call to the customer care and get the Recipt number.
  6. alien-us

    H1b Denied today! What are my options?

    You can go with the full time job. Old RFE is related to your older employer. That has nothing to do with the new employer. You can work with the Receipt notice. This will be the easy option.
  7. My Company's sister concern was running my paycheck for past 2 years while my I-797c was approved for Parent company. Now they are planning to close the parent company and my VISA is ending in July. So they filed the transfer to sister company along with the extension. Received an RFE asking for Paycheck from the month since last approval. Is it a problem ?