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  1. gogokool

    Primary EAD approved but not Dependants

    I am my wife have applied for I-485/EAD/AP at the same time. I am primary applicant and received my EAD card. My wife's status still shows Initial status. Is this common ? I was wondering if there are any issues with her application that is causing the delay.
  2. Hi, I was on H4 and my H1 with start date Oct 1st, 2013 is approved. When MUST I start working. Should the payroll start from Oct 1st (or) can I start in couple of weeks. I still need to get my SSN. Thanks Gokul
  3. gogokool

    H1-B Denied in Hyderabad

    @JoeF They are NOT meant to take decisions on suspicions. They have to make decisions on proven facts. If theres a suspicion they have to ensure its a fact before refusing. This applies to any entity be it USCIS, Consulates, Indian offices or anything. Some of us are debating that it to be fair and efficient process. Hope you get the point.
  4. gogokool

    H1B visa petition transfered to USCIS(Urgent)

    @nbendi.. VO gave me 221g after the interview. he never said it is approved. he said he will verify later and get back to me if anything else is required. I understand your concern, but dont worry, as you might already know every case is diff. Just have patience and wait for some more time. Dont try to follow up too much with vfs. Dont worry, hope you will get your stamped passport very soon.
  5. gogokool

    Next step when H1-B is sent Back to USCIS

    @Adil did you in Oct again with the same petition?
  6. gogokool

    Received blank passport from VFS

    Thanks @Tejalks. I called DOS and they stated that the case is sent back to USCIS. Since consulate could not issue the visa, my passport is returned. When I enquired if its Denied, they said wait for the letter. Sent back to USCIS - does this mean its rejected or its still in Admin Processing ?
  7. gogokool

    H1B visa petition transfered to USCIS(Urgent)

    VO took my passport during the interview. I got the passport back without Stamp. No other communication. When contacted DOS, they stated it was sent back to USCIS. What I am hearing is 90 Days is the minimum timeframe for any more information. Is this true ? Being in EVC model I dont think my client will wait beyond 3 months....
  8. gogokool

    Received blank passport from VFS

    My case was NOT updated online till now. Not sure if DOS has information about all applications. Is it the 202 number ?
  9. gogokool

    221g Yellow Form @ Hyderabad September Tracker

    I received an Email today to collect my passport. I collected the passport however there is NO visa stamp or any other document in the envelope. Not sure if its denied or AP is still in progress. No update of the case online.
  10. I have collected my passport from VFS office and there is NO Visa Stamp in the Passport. I received 221g a month ago. There is NO other document along with passport. What does this mean ? If a visa is refused, will there be a letter stating the same. If so, how/who will receive the letter. Whom should I contact.
  11. gogokool

    221g Yellow Form @ Hyderabad September Tracker

    Congrats @thisisbalaji.... some hope.... was you case number has update online. I cant even see my case number online. Anyone else who attended has any updates ?
  12. Took original documents ??? Which color form were you given ? Case Status might never be updated. I am waiting since 4 weeks, no update. There are cases where it was not updates even after getting visa after 5 months. w/o original can't even apply for Jobs in India... I just dont understand. Anyone else whose case status is updated online, if so, after what timeframe....
  13. gogokool

    H1-B Denied in Hyderabad

    Thanks for the insight into Neufeld Memo in various posts. Is there a way we can communicate to USCIS to take this into consideration during H1B approval rather than at Consular Posts. That might be loss of revenue,... so are they indirectly encouraging some abuse?
  14. @samh52 was there an update on the VFS website about your passport ?
  15. gogokool

    Succesful stamping in Hyderabad E-C Sep 30 2011

    @nbendi or anyone else who attended interview in Sept got their visa stamped ? No update in my case at all....