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  1. The EO , if their is any will not include current H1B visa holders or the ones who have held H1B visas in the past. Only 2021 Cap H1b's outside USA might be in trouble. I have read that reports have been sent to USA administration that including temp guest workers in the ongoing immigration suspension will have no significant impact on the job crisis in the USA so we shouldnt be surprised to see if they don't include any suspension. Also very soon may be mid june or early july you will have consulates opening for visa appointments (as per top Indian government officials).
  2. np_

    Visa stamping in India during Covid 19

    My wife and I are also facing similar situation, currently the slots are opened for feb 2021. My gut feeling is now that most of the countries are opening up and domestic flights have started - very soon will have embassies and consulates opening by mid june and I have read a few articles where they might even consider having online appointments & reuse bio metrics as all us citizens who work in consulates have left India.
  3. Hi Friends, I am currently in India with an approved I797B notice and waiting for consulates for visa appointments. Any insights would really be helpful. Also can my case be treated as an emergency because we all are going through some tough financial situation and employment in the states would be helpful.