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  1. Guys I have a situation. I recently changed my employer and H1 is approved with this employer A. The H4 petition filed along with it are still pending. I94 of my dependent is already expired and they are staying just based on the receipt notice of this H4 petition. Now I have got an offer from employer B. I will be filing H1 transfer in premium processing and leave employer A only when H1 transfer is approved. I am also planning to file new H4 for my dependents along with H1 transfer (B). But in this case if previous H4 (A) is denied (because A revokes H1) then do you think my dependents stay will become illegal or new H4 (B) receipt notice will provide a new basis to stay? does H4 of A is acting as a bridge petition here and needs to be approved before any new H4 can be approved ?
  2. My dependents H4 expired in May. I have got approved H1 visa till 2023 but the H4 filed along with that application is still pending. Dependents only have receipt notice of that H4 application. Now I am planning to transfer my H1 to a new employer in premium processing, so my question : A.) do I need to file a new H4 application for my dependents while previous is still in process. B). What would happen to that pending H4 application if my current employer revokes H1 when I go to new employer?