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  1. Yes. I did get Rfe and denied for speciallity occupation. I am in evc model. I am trying to do a cos to b2. but can I still go ahead and look for other potential employers? I am out of status and do not have pay stubs. will I have to wait till b2 is applied for?
  2. Hi, After 10+ years. my H1 extension got denied few days back and my I94 is also expired. 😞 So currently I am out of status. I have approved I-140. I am applying for COS to B2. Question is : (a) can my current employer start a new H1 while I am in US ? Might have to try a different role or location. Do I have to wait till B2 is filed ? (b) can I check for any other employers who can do a H1 in US ? Any other items I should watch for or scenario to think about ? Thanks S