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  1. Well, I hope they make their case soon enough. I think Not before the university makes millions of dollars of the broken immigration system and once again the consequences will be only faced by the immigrants. 50% Justice as usual. The argument you just made shows that you have no idea how it works and what is there behind the curtains. Its a "WHITE COLLAR CRIME" being committed right under their noses. Thanks for all your help. You were not a tall clueless and nothing you said was BS. 😉
  2. I was in the US for 4 years on an F-1 visa. I did my masters from one of the prestigious business school in Cambridge. Then I got a job on OPT and then applied-for CPT later. (no luck in the lottery) I had a full-time job, Not some consultancy or 3rd party client. I had to travel to India from my grandfather's funeral, When I was traveling back to the US the CBP denied me entry into the US stating day-1 CPT is a fraud and no one is allowed to do that. (I traveled on the same visa&I-20 from the same university before, never had a problem). I got to withdraw the admission. I didn’t get a bar. Now I m planning to work for my dad's company for a year in India and come back to the US on L1A after a year. Will I get the L1A approved at the consulate? Or this denied entry will cause me any problems in my L1A? Can I apply for L1A as soon as I complete 1 year in India? I have a well-established company in India preforming in hospitality&real estate sector. I am planning to start an Indian restaurant chain in the US.
  3. Well NOAH! You just compared one of the greatest country's immigration laws to a "bike speeders". That's sad. Maybe you should buy that kleenex since you have a better idea of where to put it ... "Second rate -no-name-university," you said! Campbellsville University I was enrolled too. Accredited by "CAEP" and "IACBE" recognized by the state of Kentucky, currently have 8 thousand + students all over the world including Americans. So far 3 US congress members and 2 Senator has been on the guestlist for various events and programs. So I guess you are wrong here. I was working legally with the authorization of SEVIS and DHS. and also being a full-time student. It's a hard juggle but talk to every hard-working immigrant and they will you the same story. Of course, the US government has a better idea about the legal law. I asked the CBP office to show me and a legal document stating that CPT is illegal and I have committed a crime. All he could come up with "Some fumbles, "Let me consult with my superior, and in the end, we are saying its illegal. period. I literally laughed. I can't find any legal guidance or memo from USCIS or DHS stating that it's illegal or fraud. And if it's such a big crime and it's illegal why the crime is still being committed on US mainland. Why no law enforcement has raided this university so far? Please answer.
  4. Well! There is no specific law stating that day1 CPT is illegal. As we speak today the two universities in Kentucky are issuing I-20's to students. I was enrolled to legit classes. I had orientation when I joined, Residency every 3 months, Assignments every week, team meeting, and call with the professor on the online portal on a regular basis. attendance was taken regularly. I did everything by the book. Not did single thing illegal or broke any law. I am a person who is a strong believer in law and constitution. that's why I am having trouble understanding why I am being singled out for the crime or fraud (If it qualifies for the that) that I didn't commit alone. But I am the one being punished for that. My university's presidents told me that he will provide me the "letter of support" and I can again go to the consulate in my home country and apply for the F-1 again. (Which I said no to) The point is that if these universities are fake then what the hell the ICE and USCIS field officers are waiting for? There are currently 6K students at Campbellsville University enrolled in day-1 CPT and 8K in Cumberland university. I know people who applied for day-1 CPT got their H approved and applied for the green card and got their I-140 approved. So how do they become legal? I am speaking for myself. Why denied entry to someone and dent their career when you are not 100% sure that what the law is and is it legal or illegal. I m up for the right thing. If the this program is fraud then why not shut them down. Period. Why does such a program exist? Maybe I m being a little prisoner of the moment but think a little broader. But denying POE to the student is justice half done. Shut the dam universities down and throw me out if I have committed fraud. I am all up for that. But what I can't see is I am being deported for being a part of the program where thousands of students regularly being part of this program and getting h1's and GC. Maybe the authorities are afraid to shut down the multi-million dollar business. Despite Kentucky being Red as it can be.
  5. I Know but what choice one has once your H-1 is denied. I know at least 100 people who did day 1 CPT and got there H-1 approved by USCIS. and more than 10K students studying at the university I go to. So if its fake then how this is happening on the US mainland and no authorities are taking any actions. The University is issuing I-20's by USCIS authorization. So why don't ICE shuts down such universities if they are fake? why ruin someone's carrier by presenting such an option and taking high fees? After I got denied entry at the port I spoke to my friends from same university who were given entry at a different airport. So what kinda rule is that? Fake in one state and legal in a different state?
  6. I will be opening a new office there. Will be hiring people there. Chef and other office staff.