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    Change of status back to H1B

    Perm applied on Sep 03,2019 Audit in Jan 2020 and reply submitted in Feb 2020. I have maxed out my 6 years of H1B this week and my attorney applied for change of status to B-2. 1) How long will it take to approve B-2? 2) If my B-2 is not approved by the time my I140 and H1B approved, do I have to go out of country and get it stamped? what can I do to stay in US and change back to H1B without leaving country?
  2. Hi, Here is my situation. H1B maxout - 24 May 2020 and 20 June 2020 including recapturing time I94 expiry - 01 Sep 2020(This might be a mistake from USCIS, giving 3 months of 1-94 beyond 6 years) PERM applied as of - 03 Sep 2019 PERM Status - Audit (as of 03/31/2020) Now my attorney suggested to leave country before 20 June or change of status after 20 June. I am planning to leave country in May but I have a son who is USC and Indian gov is not giving any visas until now. My question is, can I create a service request to USCIS to extend my stay because my USC son is not getting visa from India and I have valid I-94 till Sep 2020 ?