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    I-94 expiring soon

    I’m on H1B Visa working in a private firm. My current passport expires on 07/06/2020 and my I94 also expires on 07/06/2020 based on my last entry to the US and has valid visa until July 2022. Based on my finding, below are my options to stay and work in the US Option 1 : 1. Renew My Passport 2. Leave the Country and re-enter the US with my new passport which will provide me with a new I94 Expiration date. Option 2: 1. Renew My Passport 2. Employer files for an H1B extension with a new passport that will provide me with a new I94 Expiration date. Let say I apply for a new passport and I travel outside the USA before my I-94 expiry. When I re-entry the USA after I-94 expiry, will my employer needs to terminate me after my I-94 expiry date even though employer file for an H1 B extension?. In that case, how can I re-enter the USA?.