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  1. Which firm?? Could you elaborate more please...
  2. I would be working for the Indian company, in promoting the US company, and being paid by the Indian company. I think this is allowed. I think I am also allowed to hire staff for the US company, interview contractors, sign office lease, explore potential markets etc.
  3. Hi, I am an Indian national, I am a director in my family owned Indian company (I own 40% share). I have a valid B1/B2 visa, and have been to the USA several times in the past for business promotion activities. This year I registered a foreign owned single entity LLC in the state of Ohio. The US company has a qualifying relation with the Indian company. I am considering getting a L1-A visa so I can work fully in the US company. However before this to test the market, I would like to conduct the following activities. 1. Market research. Visit potential customers and introduce the US company to them. 2. Search for possible office sites. 3. Interview potential contractors & employees. 4. Promote the products made in Indian company to potential customers in USA. 5. Open a bank account for the US company. I understand I am allowed to stay for 180 days max. I plan on doing the above activities for 3-4 months, then leave for Latin American countries ( we have customers there as well), and return after a month. Then stay for additional 3-4 months or so, then depart to India. Stay in India for 2-3 months, then return again. This cycle could continue for 2-3 years until the business picks up and it becomes viable to operate the US company. During the above period, my expenses, including local travel, food, lodging etc will be paid by the Indian company. I will not be receiving any funds from the US company during this period. My queries are as follows. 1. Can the above activities be done on a B1 visa? 2. Will my frequent re-entry (twice in a year) into the US raise a flag? 3. I would like to distribute catalogs & business cards with the Ohio address to my customers, will this be seen as working for the US company?? The promotional matter will have Indian company details as well. 4. Do you think the US immigration officials will accept my reason of Business venture research? Do I have to furnish proof?? if so what kind of proof?? 5. Will the business cards with Ohio LLC address be considered proof that I am working for the US company? 6. What kind of proofs do I have to furnish to CBP to prove I am being paid by the Indian company? thanks a
  4. Yes we will open an office in USA. This will be owned by the foreign company. The US office will outsource jobs to other companies in the US. The foreign company will be sending a representative to manage the sales and to oversee the manufacturing. So in this case do we still have to employ American staff??
  5. Hi, I am interested in applying for the L1 visa, to manufacture & sell some industrial products. We already manufacture these products in India, we sell to Indian and foreign companies. I am thinking of manufacturing these products in the USA (either complete product or part of it) by outsourcing to an American company. We will be setting up an office there for co-ordinating the production etc. The products are small and does not require intensive manufacturing. In this scenario do I still have to employ an American citizen ?? Is outsourcing considered the same as manufacturing?? thanks nm