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  1. MM_V

    Priority date is current, what next?

    Did you get your GC? When?
  2. In the July 2020 bulletin, my priority date is now earlier than the final action date. What happens next?
  3. @pontevecchio What is the impact of yesterday's Presidential Proclamation to aliens currently in the US on AOS status having a valid EAD & Advance Parole, but do not have an immigrant or non-immigrant visa?
  4. I have a combo card (EAD+AP). Per USCIS, I can file the I-765 to renew my EAD 180 days prior to it's expiration. Can I also file the I-131 to get the Advance Parole at the same time i.e. 180 days prior to AP expiration? My intent is to get a combo card again as it is easy to carry . But if that puts the EAD at risk by 2 months, I would rather go for separate docs.Reason why I ask this is because I have read in few websites that I-131 should be filed only 120 days prior to expiration. The below site says if you want to renew as a combo card, file both applications no more than 120 days prior to expiration date. But other websites say you can file both applications together as early as 180 days prior to approval. [site remove]