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  1. Hello, I have a similar case when its time to fill out the I-140, I have to meet the total 3 years of experience: Employer A 1 year and Employer B 2 years. I have no issue for Employer B, they are able to provide the full letter on company letter head, with my title, dates, and required experience. My issue is with Employer A: My supervisor who is still with Employer A, said she cannot assist unfortunately, I have the confirmation by email I have all of my pay slips for the full time I was employed with Employer A, every 2 weeks of pay slip copy is with me I have my termination letter that states the dates I worked there, aligned with the PERM process I have 1 letter also during termination stating my tile and date of employment with the company letter head All of my ex-colleagues have left or either got terminated, it was a small firm; and I have good relationships with them What are my solutions? Should I submit all of the above and the following? Letters from 5 colleagues who have left with different levels Proof that my supervisor employer refused to send me the letter Letter from the previous HR who has hired me back then, with the email for when I went to the interview Potential letter from Employer B confirming that I was hired because I had the experience from Employer A, the two roles were similar Is there anything else I can do? I heard strict USCIS actions with regards to previous Employment letters. Does my case sound strong or week, since aside from this, everything else is well documented and organized? Thank you again,