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  1. debbie4

    Double petitions?

    ends on May 1, 2020* (not 2019)
  2. debbie4

    Double petitions?

    If my PERM priority date is. Aug 1, 2019, and my six year max on H1-B ends on May 1, 2019, and an H1-B. extension is applied for a start date of Aug 1, 2020 based on AC21 365-day rule. Now, if the I-140 gets approved by June 1, 2020, can a new H1-B petition be submitted based on the approved I-140 with an earlier start date, say July 1, 2020? In other words, can you have two petitions for the same beneficiary with two start dates?
  3. Do you need to be physically in the US to use the 365-day rule that allows for 7th year of H1-B 365 days after PERM filing, or will US consulates apply the provision for a new H1-B visa as well? Thanks.
  4. My H1-B is cap-exempt, and the employer is nonprofit, and will always be cap-exempt. I have a PERM pending (filed in the sixth year), and trying to decide when to leave the country. My attorney recommended leaving on the last day, but many websites are suggesting it's safer to leave with a few days left in the six years. Why is this the case? Especially since there's a 10 day grace period on the I-94 anyway, in case travel plans fall through, etc. I read that it is better to leave remainder time of H1B 6 year max in order to obtain beyond the 6th year extensions with the Certified PERM/I-140 Approval. But, why is this the case? Doesn't it require a new H1-B petition to enter the country after the visa period expires? And once the PERM is approved, I will have to apply for a new H1-B anyway?