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  1. Raj2222

    H4 EAD Unemployment Benefits

    To JoeF , Thank for your response, My wife was furloughed from Apr 1st and if we claim for unemployment will she get paid from April 1st or from the date we apply for unemployment. Thanks !
  2. Raj2222

    H4 EAD Unemployment Benefits

    I would really appreciate if someone could respond to this question. Thanks in Advance !
  3. Hi, My wife is working on H4 EAD for last 2 years and she has been furloughed from April 01 . Her company has asked us to file for Unemployment. I am on H1 and has a approved I 140. Question : Can she file for Unemployment. If we file will there be any issues for our Green Card process? She has been furloughed from April 01 and how many months can we file for unemployment. Thanks,
  4. Raj2222


    Thanks everyone for your response and i have not heard anything back from the legal team .
  5. Raj2222


    I have also reached out to the Legal team for more guidelines and will keep everyone updated . Furlough is not like that we are fired so we have the job in hand and we still receive all benefits . The only difference is that we do not get paid so will this also be considered as a lay off. Your guidance is much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I am currently on H1 B and my Green Card is in process. My I 140 has been approved and my wife is working on a H4 EAD . I work full time with this organization . Due to COVID-19 situation my company is planning to do a Furlough on few employees. I am most likely to be part of a group that might be furloughed. We do not know how long this furlough is going to be. If i get Furlough will that impact my H1 B & Green Card Process . What is the minimum time period that H1 B people could go on Furlough ? . Is there any impact to my wife's H4 EAD status ? Thanks !