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    LLC- Run payroll

    I am a US citizen and want to start an LLC , My wife works a contractor for a company and a layered vendor company and Client A. We would like to run our own payroll by working directly with the client. Can you please suggest how i can run payroll and which type of company to register.
  2. Vitara

    Business related question

    that was not my question.
  3. I would like to start a) recruiting /staffing company ( consultancy ) b) and also i do want to sell something on Amazon questions: Can you please guide me to step a, weather i can set up an inc at home? or do i need to have an office? What is the adv if i set up an LLC. If i want to sell some product on Amazon , do i need to register another company or i can use the same company which i use ofr staffing? Also if i need to start a new one can i have 2 companies on my name, Also please guide me steps how to register this company and what type it should be. Thank you so much in advance.