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  1. Tehmina

    H1B Visa Denied after RFE; Currently on Cooling Period

    Is this actually right??
  2. Tehmina

    H1B Visa Denied after RFE; Currently on Cooling Period

    Hello chetan.. my story is exactly like yours. Are you sure this information is correct?? If so.. you solved my problem like really ...please reply
  3. My husband was laid off from company A on 5th dec 2019, our 60 days grace period started from that day. We got a new employer Company B and got our receipt notice for h1b premium processing on 29 january 2020 that is before the 60 day grace period. Abiding by the rules, he did not join on receipt no. and waited for approval. USCIS committed an error and they again gave us a receipt notice on 14 february. On 24 feb we received an RFE, RFE response was submitted on 17 march. Its the 14 day today and we are still without a response. We are very scared coz my husband has lived in US for the last 10 yrs and has an approved i140. Due to coronavirus everything is going slow but our company is waiting since 3 months for us to join but we cant because of thr approval delay. What if the h1b gets denied?? Tell me ways to live here