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  1. nooneknows1

    Employer not filling GC

    I have 1 year and 4 months on GC. Current employer is reluctant to file for GC. I doubt I can make a change of employer now. What is the minimum time with with I should exit the country so that I have a shot at a cap exempt extension while perm is filled while I outside the country?
  2. I have 1.5 years left on my H1B and my employer is delaying starting the PERM process atleast an year. As I go through the various GC stages, can I switch to Day 1 CPT to buy time for getting GC done? Ideally, I am looking to somehow buy one year of time without losing out on a chance at GC+H1B forever.
  3. nooneknows1

    H1B transfer rejected

    Can I apply for other jobs in this period?
  4. nooneknows1

    H1B transfer rejected

    I have an MBA from a top tire b school in the US. I used up the OPT that comes with it (B-School was not stem eligible). I had a H1B from my prior stay in the US which my employer tried to transfer. It was initiated before OPT expired but I had to go on loss of work leave while I waited the result. Ultimately the transfer was denied (a few days back). I am yet to receive the physical receipt explaining the reason. What are my options? Can I apply for other jobs? Can I apply for Day 1 CPT? How long can I stay in this country? Due to the COVID situation, I am not ok moving my family through flights(my children are US Citizens). I am not sure how long before the situation gets better. What are my options if I am willing to wait here even without employment?