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  1. zoomzoom

    Change of status: F2 to H1B

    Hello Members, Could you please point me to the law which essentially restricts the change of status from F2 to H1B extension with approved I-140? For me it is already 120+ days on F2. It would be helpful to have the official law on this. TIA.
  2. zoomzoom


    Hello Members, I have a question on OPT EAD. My wife has graduated from an US university on May 8, 2020 and has applied for OPT EAD. Her OPT start date is on July 7, 2020. Question is, does she have to get a job within 90 days of 8th May or 7th July in order to maintain her status? Thank you in advance.
  3. zoomzoom

    Change of status: F2 to H1B

    Thank you all for your replies. Another quick question on this. Considering US-Canada border opens in the next few days or so, is it possible to get the stamping done in Canada? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello Members, My I-140 is approved in EB2 category for more than six months now. Question is, if I change my employer now, do I need to have new PERM and I-140 application from all the new employers going forward, or can I keep changing jobs on the same old and approved I-140 for as long as possible? Thanks in advance.
  5. zoomzoom

    Change of status: F2 to H1B

    Thank you for replying. Could you please clarify why this case of mine does not qualify for change of status? Thank you.
  6. Hello Members, I have a question on change of status: F2 to H1B. Background: My H1B expired after six years on March 7, 2019. As advised by attorneys, I left USA on Feb 2, 2019 and went back to India to continue work for the same employer, India chapter. Thus I have managed to save about 36 days on the H1B. Then, PERM was approved on Sept 2019 and I-140 was approved on Nov 2019. I came back to USA on F2 visa by March 2020. Now, employer has started process of H1B extension, cap exempt. I wanted to have H1B extension through change of status; F2 to H1B. Legal team says that is not possible, and I have to go back to India for consular processing. US Consulates are already closed in India, and given the current status with COVD-19, I'm not sure when I would be coming back. Is there any legal way out possible to avoid stamping in India? If yes, please provide some official link/webpages for me to contest. Thank you in advance.