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    B2 visa extension second time

    Hi, Did you got any update from USCIS or any other update. We are in the same situation. Thanks.
  2. No update yet, we are still waiting for update from both USCIS and from Murthy Law Firm 🙂 I'm unable to find any such document or link in DHS/USCIS website regarding the maximum period of stay in the USA on B2(visitor) visa. If anyone knows, please share the same.
  3. Hi, My parents recently got biometric appointment (July-30), and we are waiting for further update. They will complete their 1 year stay in the USA on Oct-20-2020. My doubt is -- due to this current COVID pandemic and since both of then are 60+ years, can they stay beyond 1 year in the USA. If yes, then do we need to again apply for extension once we have decision on current extension process (I539). Thanks, DK.
  4. Hi, My parents are currently in USA, and I'm planning to file their B2 extension. Request your expertise on below. 1. Can we apply for another 6months extension for both ? 2. Can we submit single I539 form with my father as applicant and mother as co-applicant. Keeping in consideration that both of them have separate I94 number. With this process, then we assume we have to submit another I539A form for my mother. Thanks.
  5. Same boat, please let me know if we can file extension on COVID 19 basis.