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  1. naveen.grr

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    Hi can you update me on your status on the visa. I was also told the same thing. VO mentioned I was qualified for the visa but gave me a short pink slip. I work in the biotech field.
  2. naveen.grr

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    I am stuck in the same situation. I was also asked to go the 31 counter, asked about siblings etc. I also got the small pink sheet. Can you share your experience on this case. It has been 20 days since the day of my interview. Please share your experience.
  3. Hi, I work for a biotech firm as a medical scientist in USA. I had to come for an emergency in India. So I attended my first H1B visa interview at Chennai Consulate on the 29th of February. I was given a pink slip under 221g and I am still waiting to hear on my case. My wife is in her 3rd trimester in the USA. She is also on H1B. She is all by herself and presence is required with her. Her doctor advised not to travel. So she cant come to India. Is there anything we can do to expedite the 221g. Does this qualify under any emergency situation. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Naveen.