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  1. kmuthuk

    h1b amendment and i94

    What do you mean by i-94 number may be old? Since it was filed in 2019 ? The i-94 number in the new document is different from the i94 on old i-797. I am wondering, since the document was approved on Feb 12th, isn't the USCIS issued i94 the latest? Local CBP says they only correct CBP mistakes.
  2. kmuthuk

    h1b amendment and i94

    I am on my h1b which ends on Aug 2021. My visa and i-797 are also valid until that date. When I entered the US in Jan 2020 I was granted i-94 until April 2020 which followed my passport expiry date. I have since renewed my passport. Now I realize that while returning from at trip to Mexico or Canada will generate a new i-94. However, my company had filed for a location change amendment in Feb 19. This long pending case with USCIS got approved on Feb 12th 2020 after I entered the US. Now I have a new i94 number from USCIS which is valid till Aug 2021. Do I still need to travel outside US ? If not how can I confirm that not taking any action will be OK? Can I call CBP and explain my situation ? Thanks in advance!