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    B2 Tourist Visa Renewal for mom

    Hello - Iam on H1B and planning to renew my Mom's Tourist Visa which expired in Nov 2019. She had it for 10 yrs and during that period she visited me 4-5 times and 3 times i had extended her stay by 3-4 months as she was alone in INDIA(my father expired in 2009 Sep). Last time when she landed in US along with my sister's family(my sister is a US CITIZEN) at SFO, the immigrations officer pointed out that my Mom had already extended her stay 3 times in the past visits and he would only allow her into US if she is leaving the US within the stipulated next 6 months. She did leave US within 6 months. Since iam going in for a renewal for her, i had few questions. 1. Will the situation / issue which happenned at SFO airport have any bearing on her Visa Approval? 2. Assuming the Visa is approved, will landing again at SFO, as port of entry , while travelling from INDIA, cause any issue at Immigrations? 3. Is there a risk involved, if my brother-in-law who is a US CITIZEN, applies/sponsors her B2 tourist visa rather than me? I mean all the supporting documentation is provided by my brother-in-law. Since he is a US CITIZEN, does he applying for B2 tourist visa for my mom give an impression to Visa Officer about my mom being a potential immigrant?