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  1. Murthy100

    AC21 portability & EB2 to EB3 downgrade

    did you got a new date in your I140 in EB3? WIll that be the effective new date and you need to wait for 180 days for job change or you can use your original I140 date and this new date do not impact ?
  2. Murthy100

    I140 approval - Eb2

    Hi - I had approved I140 in EB1 and my priority date got current in latest Aug 2020 visa bulletin. When I reached out to my employer for more information on how to file I485, they told me that my EB1 I140 approval was incorrect and is mistake from USCIS. They then filed request to change my I140 from Eb1 to Eb2. Its a big blow to me, as I was waiting for PD to be current from 2 years, and when it finally became current, they requested USCIS to update and resent my I140 approval in Eb2. My PD in 2017 July. My question is - a) my original I140 approval was in Dec 2018 (Eb1) and then latest one in Aug 2020(Eb2). Will 6 months time period after I140 approval to change employer applies to me or not? What options do I have to apply / change my I140 to eb1 again? Please help with these doubts. Too much stress! 😞
  3. Hi, what if the new transfer is denied, can one still work with same employer, if not left the job, and was only planning to join new employer after transfer approval?
  4. Hi, can I transfer my H1B visa to a new employer, I have I 140 approved in EB1b ? Can I also file a new GC application based on approved I140 EB1b, what is required? Do I need to go to perm etc? Or can it be expedited with EB1b ? Please help explain.