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  1. I have been laid of at the end of the last year and I am on H1B. I got two job offers, and lawyers are working on my H1B transfer cases. However, my 60 days grace period is ending soon and I am fearing they aren't gonna make it. So, can I apply for status change from H1B to F1 and have H1B transfer case, so that I am not out of status and withdraw status change application after I get H1B approval?
  2. I have been laid off at the end of last year. I got two job offers, and want to proceed with both. Company A already started the transfer process and working on the case, and Company B is about to start it. Company A's job offer is contingent on H1B transfer, and I like offer from Company B more. I would like to use Company A as contingency plan, since they are doing the same to me. If I am going to start at Company B after getting receipt notice for both transfers and later get denial on Company B's application, is it going to affect my transfer to Company A?