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  1. As UICIS says to be truth with them, I mentioned the real reason which is child care. Can you tell what will happen to their visa in these two cases?
  2. My parents visited the USA on a B2 visa and their i94 is going to end in a month. I applied i-159 (extension of stay) 20 days back at Texas Service Center, the current estimation time for processing is shown as 6-8 months. I read in various forums that people can stay until the i-159 is pending but what to get a clear picture of what would be consequences at the various results of the decision.What would happen if(a) The decision is pending, they overstay for 2-3 months and leave the USA?(b) They overstay and received a denial for the i-159.?Also, what would happen to their B2 visa for the above two scenarios?I know this could be a common question asked here, Sorry, if it looks repeated. Thank in Advance